Meet Dr. Charles Dingman

I grew up in western Nebraska.  My father was a farmer and my mother a bookkeeper for a local farm implement dealer.  As a farm kid I learned about the value hard work and that we help our neighbors in times of need.  I also learned that at a moments notice your crop and future could be wiped out.  I learned at an early age the need for proper risk strategies.  I decided to be a dentist and I  attended the University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska College of Dentistry.  I practiced dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska and was a faculty member at the Dental School for two years.  My family and I moved to Wyoming and I practiced dentistry there until I had an accident that ended my career.

 I attended numerous continuing education experiences that prepared me for management, staff development, business planning, practice management and business management.  I recognized that a dental school education alone was not going to make me successful.  I prepared myself to be the best dentist I could be and developed the necessary business skills to grow my business.

I had a life changing accident.  An injury to right right hand caused me to retire from my life long passion of being a dentist.  Losing my practice was not a pleasant experience, as I saw my business and my dream job in life disappear.  Life didn't stop and wait for me to catch up.   You never know what lies ahead, however, my life experience and the preparation and education I had sought out  prepared me well.  

I became a financial advisor because I didn't want what happened to me happen to people just like you. I help people prepare for the Ups and Downs of life, so that you can have a safe and secure retirement.




"Through Financial Planning You Can Achieve Financial Independence"

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