How I Lost My Business in 10 Seconds

What would you do if in 10 seconds you lost everything?




“There was a man who said, Honey you've got to take me to the hospital, I cut my hand”


You see, many years ago on Halloween night he was going to make some hot apple cider for his kids who were out trick or treating.  He went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of apple cider.  He stepped over to the sink a few feet away.  POP, he heard a sound like a light bulb popping, felt a shock in his hand, looked down to see his hand bleeding profusely.  He grabbed a dish towel and called to his wife in the other room.  “Honey you've got to take me to the hospital, I've cut my hand.”


At the hospital an EMT bandaged his hand and then asked, “Can you move your thumb?”   “NO” the man replied.  The EMT pulled out a long sharp probe that looked like a big needle and poked his thumb and asked, “Can you feel this?”    “NO” he said again.  The man knew at that moment he was in deep trouble.  He was scared to death and a sick feeling welled up in his stomach, he felt his heart sink.  You see he is right-handed, and he was a Dentist.   The Dentist was ME.  That night literally changed my life.  I lost my business, my career, everything I had worked for all of my life.  Gone in a matter of seconds.  I had prepared for disability, never thinking it would happen to me.  I thought my plan was bullet proof, it actually had some glaring holes.

Some of you may feeling right now that your plan was really good, but now are wondering if it will work.  

I needed a new plan for my life, what would I do? 

I decided to become a financial advisor so that what happened to me wouldn't happen to people like you. I help people just like you plan for the UPS and DOWNS in life, so that you can have a safe and secure retirement.  


"Through Financial Planning You Can Achieve Financial Independence"

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