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I believe that I have a unique perspective to help dentists, physicians, chiropractors, optometrists and other health professionals.  We have a unique common experience, we are providing a health service for our patients and trying to run a business at the same time.  

I understand the years of education and sacrifice as well as the financial investment each one of you has made just to get through your education and then the financial commitment you make to start and grow a business.  I understand the hours of work you put in with each patient and the extra work of developing a successful business plan to reach your financial goals in life.

I get what you have gone through, are about to go through and God forbid, a disabling accident that I experienced.  I believe that my "Life Preparation" put me in a unique position to council health professionals in the financial advising world.

I worked as a faculty member at the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry.  I was fortunate to work with many tremendous mentors in my life.  Dr. Charles M. Sorenson, Dr. Don Clifton, Dr. Michael Schuster, many instructors at the LD Pankey Institute.  I worked with Dr Sorenson and Selection Research Inc. (now Gallup),  I worked with Dr. Sorenson as a consultant to dentists and their staff members for 9 years.  I was fortunate to learn from Dr. Don Clifton at SRI as he grew his company and helped thousands of people excel in their lives.  I attended the LD Pankey Institute and learned comprehensive dentistry and was asked to be a adjunct faculty member there.  I studied under Dr. Michael Schuster at the Center for Professional Development in Scottsdale, AZ.  I was part of Dr. Schuster's Mentor group and was privileged to be asked to help with the education of dentists at the Center as a visiting faculty member.  

I spent countless hours in other continuing education courses trying to better myself for my patients I was privileged to serve.

Each of these experiences increased and enhanced my core values of helping other people achieve their life goals, educating my staff and patients about health, helping other achieve financial independence and creating time for my family.

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful wife and three children that I couldn't be more proud of.  I have eight grandchildren who are blessings from heaven. (More on the way in the future?)  Scott Peck said "Life is hard" and I have worked hard to develop myself to help other people.

I look forward to helping you.  Give me a call and let's have a discussion of how I can help you.

Thank you,

Dr. Charles Dingman, DDS




"Through Financial Planning You Can Achieve Financial Independence"

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